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  • About Us

    We're on a mission to empower female students to thrive in leadership roles in the workplace and beyond.

    Who We Are

    Women In Leadership (WIL) is a student organization serving undergraduate and graduate students at the Schulich School of Business. WIL serves the Schulich community by providing a series of professional, educational, and networking events to enhance the understanding and appreciation of women's role in business, while assisting members in reaching success in their chosen field. We do this by creating a network of business students, alumni, and businesswomen to inspire and support one another.

    Strength in Diversity

    WIL's theme and vision for this year is strength in diversity. We are committed to creating a strong and diverse community by leading with open minds and empowering populations that are typically underrepresented in the workforce.


    WIL Ambassadors are representatives for the Schulich Women in Leadership Association.


    The purpose? To help members get greater exposure to the club, develop leadership and communication skills for future executive positions, and enhance WIL’s branding and marketing strategies.


  • Meet the Team

    The Presidents

    Meghan Archibald

    Graduate Co-President

    Sara Tatangelo

    Undergraduate Co-President

  • Marketing & Communications

    Vanessa Kibsey

    Vice-President Marketing

    Noelle Chin

    Director of Social Media

    Deandra Gonsalves

    Director of Digital Strategy

  • Events

    Jassica Chouan

    Vice-President Events

    Prarthi Mehta

    Director of Events

    Amanda Huynh

    Director of Events

  • Finance

    Tanushree Handa

    Vice-President Finance

  • Mentorship

    Maria Karajovic

    Vice President Mentorship

    Shanzay Bhinder

    Director of Mentorship

    Andra Khedher

    Director of Mentorship

  • Internal Relations

    Winnie Yan

    Vice-President Internal Relations

    Prisha Patel

    Director of Internal Relations

    Emily Pedari

    Director of Internal Relations

  • Partnerships

    Nehal Mubarak

    Vice-President of Partnerships

    Sarah Abdu

    Director of Partnerships

    Daniela Cazes

    Director of Partnerships

  • Male Engagement

    Brendan Thompson

    Vice-President of Male Engagement

    Jonathan Zhou

    Vice-President of Male Engagement

  • Events

    Our goal: For all WIL members to walk out of events feeling inspired, confident, and more prepared to take on the world.

    October 17, 2018 @ 5:30 pm

    The C2 event aims to provide Schulich students with a diverse outlook into the academic and career successes of mid-management level Schulich alumni from various different industries. Hear from 5 speakers with diverse stories, engage in captivating audience discussions, be inspired by our keynote executive speaker, and finally, end off the night with our membership reception!

    November 15th 2018 @ 6:30 pm

    This event looks to strengthen the WIL network by providing an opportunity to our current members to connect with previous WIL members and executives. The mixer offers outlooks into various industries and career paths with our diverse set of alumni in attendance. And did we mention... drinks and appetizers are complimentary?


    Location: Vagabondo Italian Restaurant and Lounge, 32 Wellington St. E, Toronto


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    Diversity in Leadership

    January 2019

    WIL’s Manbassadors program actively encourages all members of the Schulich community to engage in a productive, barrier-free, ongoing conversation about gender issues and to encourage male students to advocate for gender equality and women’s empowerment. This event will allow students to hear from business executives about gender parodies in the business world and connect over a networking reception.

    14th Annual Inspire to Aspire Conference

    March 2019

    WIL's 15th Annual Inspire to Aspire Conference brings together some of Canada’s top female executives, academics, corporate professionals and business students to examine the rewards and challenges facing women in their pursuit of leadership roles, and to share inspirations and motivate young women to set and achieve their goals. As a full, two-day event, the conference will be comprised of keynote speeches, workshops networking sessions, and a case competition. Light breakfast, a full lunch, and snacks will be provided.

  • Manbassadors

    Join the movement...

    Manbassadors is an initiative that originated at Harvard Business School (MBA) in 2013 and since then top-tier schools in the states have joined. At these schools, men have joined their female counterparts to support gender equality and women's empowerment and pledge to act as a Manbassador. Schulich will be the first Canadian business school to join the movement. Our mission with Manbassadors is to actively encourage all members of the Schulich community to engage in a productive, barrier-free, ongoing conversation about gender issues and to encourage male students to advocate for gender equality and women’s empowerment. This initiative offers a platform for men and women to get involved and broaden their understanding of gender dynamics in business and to engage in discussion at events and on social media.

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  • Mentorship

    Undergraduate - High School Mentorship

    Undergraduate mentors will be visiting high school mentees on a monthly basis to interact and have fun with different workshops and activities such as resume building, snakes and lattes event, holiday parties, and team challenges. This is a rewarding and empowering opportunity, not only for the high school mentees, but for undergrads as well to share personal and professional wisdom and prepare high school students with their transition into post-secondary.

    Graduate - Undergraduate Mentorship

    This is a rewarding program to pass on invaluable professional and personal experiences to aspiring young women. This program serves to help aspiring young business women in the iBBA and BBA program to develop professional relationships with Graduate mentors in MBA, iMBA and MBAN, resulting in professional and personal development.

    If you have any questions about the Mentorship Programs, feel free to contact us at ssb.wil.mentorship@gmail.com

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